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  • DJ Organgrinder

    DJ Organgrinder is the judge of the Athens Crawl, and the head of the Mediterranean Circuit. DJ Organgrinder is the only ex-competitor among the DJs of the Mediterranean Circuit. He was a circus ringmaster prior to becoming an X-Crawler, and is a …

  • DJ Sinister Dexter

    Judge of the Rome Crawl, DJ Sinister Dexter is something of a mad scientist. A one-time priest of Hermes, Sinister Dexter has driven himself insane in an attempt to couple his divine spell casting ability with the arcane arts of the wizard. His crawls …

  • DJ Istanbul, the Ottominotaur

    Judge of the New Byzantium Crawl, DJ Istanbul is a minotaur, and as such has a fondness for mazes. With the possible exception of the Giza Crawl, DJ Istanbul’s crawl is the closest thing to a traditional crawl you’ll find on the Mediterranean Circuit

  • DJ Selqet-Ra

    Judge of the Giza Crawl, DJ Selqet-Ra is a mummy lord. Her crawl takes place inside a giant pyramid, DJ Selqet-Ra’s own tomb. X-Crawlers can expect ancient traps, vermin, and of course, DJ Selqet-Ra’s own undead minions.

  • DJ Happy Jack

    DJ Happy Jack’s Cruise Crawl takes place on the Merry Mayhem, DJ Happy Jack’s ship. The crawl takes place over 3 days while sailing from Sardinia to Cyprus. As can be expected, the Cruise Crawl is nautical themed, with pirates and sea monsters.

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